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The Crowning Star Wig Program was launched with one mission: to offer quality wigs to cancer patients, cancer survivors and women with alopecia.


All wigs are new or in good sanitized condition.  One wig per customer, with a no exchange, no return policy. 


A care bag will accompany each wig request.   The package is mailed via $13.50 flat rate service.  Please pay shipping costs before submitting request.


Wigs are beauty enhancers; the real beauty is within you. 

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Checkout  Wig Galleries 1 and 2.  Select a wig, write down the gallery and wig number.  Close window and complete pages 1 and 2 on form below. 


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First wig recipient 


DK, Cancer Patient

Thanks Karen and her whole staff for giving their time and support to make this transition from being a patient to becoming a survivor

Mary Ann, Cancer Patient

I have shoulder length natural curly brow hair with bangs & am desperately looking for a wig due to chemotherapy! Please help

Carol, Cancer Patient

It will be 10 years cancer-free on March 7th. I have lived through Radiation, some depression and still dealing with hair loss and alopecia. I am thankful for a very strong family, support system,  family and friends.  I could not have made this journey alone. I thank God most of all who has been my biggest strong Tower.

Sana, Cancer Patient

Hello team - thank you for all that you do to help those battling cancer. For brightening our days with hope and taking some worries away from our pains during this time. I'm a young patient suddenly diagnosed with bilateral Invasive breast cancer, underwent bilateral lumpectomy and double mastectomy surgeries with 7 lymph nodes removed and then weekly strong chemo. I'm appreciative of a care package and or prayers/positive thoughts. With sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Last Radiation Treatment

Last Chemo Treatment Ringing the Bell!!!!

Preview of Wig Gallery 

Wig Recipients @ South Shore