Karen Y. Hall
Founder & CEO

"I've been where you are.  Let me help you move to where I am and beyond."

I AM a 2x Cancer Survivor/Champion, Mother, Caregiver, Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Licensed Universal Foundation for Better Living Teacher, Meditative Life Ministries Board Member, International Metaphysical Ministry student, and former Health Care Ministry Director.


My journey started when diagnosed with breast cancer. I had no known family history and no signs during regular self-breast exams. In 2005, I had a mastectomy and reconstruction.  After five years of immunotherapy treatment, I participated in a 5K cancer walk.  Cancer was no longer at the forefront of her mind. “Life is great, again!”

Eight years after the initial diagnosis, I felt a small bump on the same side as the mastectomy. It was an aggressive tumor on the breast chest wall.”  I screamed on the inside, “WHAT? NO, NOT CANCER AGAIN!” 

Hearing the words, “you have a recurrence of cancer” were devastating, shocking and life-altering.  When you are diagnosed with an aggressive tumor, it feels like a death sentence.  You mourn the loss of your identity.  Your life drastically changes -- your faith is shaken, body image and self-esteem damaged, friends, family, finances, and employment ruined.

The second treatment plan was totally different.  I still wanted to LIVE, so I wiped my tears, faced the situation head-on, and got RADICAL about LIVING instead of CONSUMED with dying. 


I became my own advocate, followed the treatment plan, received spiritual and emotional support.  No matter what was going on with my body, I keep affirming, "I will live". I stayed positive, upbeat and determined to beat this devastating disease. I AM a living breathing example of when life throws you lemons, you shake it up and make lemonade.    

Training:  Our Journey of Hope from Cancer Treatments of America, Inc., American Cancer Society reach to recovery program and University of Chicago’s SHARE Dementia caregiver program.

Memberships:  Gilda’s Club of Chicago -- Outreach; American Cancer Society – Wig Bouquet Volunteer, Reach to Recovery Member, Ambassador, Outreach, and CAN Advocate; Metropolitan Breast Cancer Task Force - Member; Mox.e & Mimosas Women's Empowerment - Member; and Sista’s of Hope - Member; Breakfast4CEO - Member; and Black Women Talk - Panlist.

Cancer Support Team, Inc. 

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