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Karen Y. Hall
Founder & CEO

"Let me guide you to surpass where I once stood.”

Karen is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience and expertise in the healthcare industry. She is a two-time cancer survivor, mother, caregiver, advocate, volunteer, and former Health Care Ministry Director. Karen’s cancer journey began in 2006, when an annual mammogram detected the disease. She underwent a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, and years of treatment. Eight years later, an aggressive tumor surfaced, resulting in even more treatments. However, she defined cancer as “an opportunity for God to reveal Itself in and through her body.”  So, she faced the situation head-on and got RADICAL about LIVING instead of consumed with dying. She trusted the medical team and became her own advocate. Today, she is here to share her story with you, and to remind you that no matter how difficult things may seem, there is always hope. Let us all be advocates for each other and support those who are fighting their own battles. 


Karen’s journey inspired her to create an organization that supports individuals affected by health challenges. Karen continuously attends seminars, workshops, and outreach events to expand her knowledge and community networking.


Professionally, Karen obtained an Associate Degree in Administration, Certified Sr. Project Administrator, numerous honors, awards and recognitions.  Her positions included Regional Administrative Manager, IT second tier support, Trainer of Financial Systems, Sr. Project Administrator for multi-million-dollar contracts, System and Application Specialist.

As a member of Christ Universal Temple, Karen  served as a Board member, Prayer Minister, financial reporting on the Capital Fundraising Project, Licensed UFBL Teacher, JCI staff member, and the Health Care Ministry Director.


Karen is a member of Lions Knights of Prevention and Education (K.O.P.E.);  Illinois Cancer Partnership Prevention Work Group, developing the 2022-2027 Cancer Plan.  Breakfast4CEO, Black Women Speak, Cancer Treatments of America, Inc. and Our Journey of Hope, an educational outreach program providing support and materials to implement a local cancer ministry.  American Cancer Society Reach to Recover provide techniques on communicating and supporting newly diagnosed cancer patients, wig boutique, outreach volunteer, and survivor speaker.  American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network advocate, bringing awareness to legislators for their support on cancer related bills and funding.  University of Chicago’s SHARE program teaching techniques, information and awareness on Dementia facilitation and support.  Gilda’s Club of Chicago outreach and survivor speaker, and an Equal Hope (formerly Metropolitan Breast Cancer Task Force) advocate. 


Karen loves sharing her journey and knowledge.  Karen’s survivor story was featured on American Cancer Society’s website, Gilda’s Club of Chicago website, she was the recipient of the Volunteer Appreciation Month, and presented to their Board of Directors. 

Karen participated with Cancer A Love (Yourself) Story Podcast Guest Speaker; UC Breast Cancer Awareness Community Panelist; Radio 95.1 On the Red Carpet with Ken Bedford; Advocate Ladies Night Think Pink; NCC Bible Study for Breast Cancer Awareness; Senator Durbin’s Affordable Care Act Conference; co-host of Black Women Speak; Warriors Talk with Lady ReShell;  Dolton Breast Cancer Awareness Breakfast; Salem Heart to Heart Ministry; Luster Hair Products; Oak Lawn Chamber of Commerce; Avon Luncheon; Church of our Savior; Free Salvation Missionary Baptist Church “100 Women in Red” Program; Taking Initiative to Nurture and Assist with Survival (T.I.N.A.S.); Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Kickoff; and Black Expo Survivor Panelist.


Karen supports and participate in UC Breast Studies Community Collaboration; Breakfast4CEOs, For Every Woman (F.E.W.) Bible Study; Gilda’s Thankful Thursday; Advocate Partners of Faith and Health Network; Advocate Southland Gratitude Room; Apostolic Breast Cancer Support Group; Black Health Matters; Chasing Cans for Cancer; Sisters of Hope; and Matters at Heart.


​As a two-time  breast cancer survivor, founder and CEO of CST, I understand the challenges that come with starting from scratch. That's why I'm passionate about helping others move forward and succeed in their endeavors. I believe that we can all achieve greatness if we have the right support and guidance. I know what it takes to overcome obstacles and achieve success, and I want to help others do the same.

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